FAQ plugin v1.6 release notes

WordPress FAQ plugin v1.6 release notes.


  • ‘featured’ param/attribute on shortcodes to show featured or non-featured
  • “Continue editing” checkboxes in admin sections
  • Link to a specific question
  • Multilingual with (m)qTranslate
  • ‘number’ parameter/attribute in shortcodes to limit questions
  • Settings to change custom post type slugs for questions and groups
  • Featured questions/answers
  • Questions and groups in WordPress search results
  • WordPress Widget API


  • Dashicons for sorting indicators in admin tables
  • Update shortcodes mentioned in admin to new [faqs_…] format
  • Improvements to load_plugin_textdomain() call
  • Remove pluggable.php include
  • Change deprecated function ereg_replace() with preg_replace()
  • Email validate using WordPress is_email() function
  • Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated
  • “Back to questions” link under related questions section in admin
  • Linkable questions and auto open on link
  • Scroll to heading as accordion changes for smooth transition
  • Clear questions when a search is cleared.
  • Show custom fields in ask form notification email


  • Open/closed hand cursors not showing for drag/drop in admin
  • “Clear Search” link not working
  • Search displays all questions
  • Active question setting not working on search results
  • Order of latest questions widget not saving

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