FAQ plugin 1.6.1 release notes


WordPress FAQ plugin version 1.6.1 release notes.


  • RSS feed for questions
  • Random, specific and custom ordering of groups
  • Expand/collapse icons for accordion
  • Setting to set the scroll height
  • FAQ paging/pagination for questions


  • Use DOING_AJAX and SHORTINIT for faster Ajax calls
  • Replace all Ajax calls with proper wp_ajax_ hooks and calls
  • Show approved/not approved status on ordering screen
  • TinyMCE dialog improvements with wp_ajax_
  • Notice: admin-functions.php is deprecated
  • New help tooltips design
  • Compatibility with qTranslate X multilingual


  • Groups drag/drop order not sticking on “Custom”
  • Existing related questions not translating to current language
  • Order all questions “No questions are available” error
  • SPAN floating left in FAQ questions/answers
  • Answers not showing on question search with Show Excerpts setting on
  • Multilingual, empty description on custom field shows language tags

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