Newsletters Release Notes


WordPress Newsletter plugin release notes


  • Show selected subscribers that newsletter will queue/send to
  • Set Reply-To header and address to a different value


  • Move RSS feed setting to System > WordPress Related
  • Set Content-Type of TEXT emails to text/plain properly
  • Show a font/text icon next to plain TEXT format subscribers
  • Match host in lowercase always for serial key validation
  • Add button to load default custom fields manually
  • Improve content of newsletter from post/page “Send as Newsletter”
  • Improved “Send as Newsletter” box design/layout


  • Subscribe form checkbox mailing lists not displaying correctly
  • Template in TEXT version setting ineffective
  • POP3 authentication error even though Amazon SNS or Manrill is used
  • No paragraphs and broken characters in TEXT version
  • Mailing list error in subscribe form not showing
  • Search clicks causes database error
  • Default custom fields not loading with qTranslate-X/WPML active
  • Fatal error: Call to a member function get_default_language() on a non-object
  • Make sure to use stripslashes on the newsletter title
  • Remove excerpt HR tag
  • Custom fields not always prefilling values
  • Segments in newsletter does not queue newsletter to subscribers
  • Dashboard number of columns, allow 4 columns
  • Single Post Insert not Working
  • Checkboxes segmentation “any” and “contains” issues on custom fields
  • First letters of Export File Causing Errors (SYLK file)
  • 100% read tracking
  • Insert post into newsletter, after category selection it still shows select
  • Can’t remove custom field value on a subscriber
  • link in content breaks sending of email
  • Subscriber exists, selected lists not pre-selected
  • Posts from “Insert into Newsletter” not adding ‘language’ attribute to shortcode
  • Autoresponders are not sending
  • Conflict with WordPress SEO by Yoast

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