Newsletters 4.5.7 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.5.7 release notes


  • Multilingual from name/address
  • “All Categories” selection for multiple posts shortcode
  • Pause/resume latest posts subscription instances
  • Change/set the author/user of a newsletter
  • WPML and newsletters, setting to exclude posts where language not available
  • Update custom fields on user import


  • Redirect main window from iFrame and Popup offsite forms
  • Enable date_default_timezone_set() to ensure timezone of plugin and settings match
  • Improved CSS inline styles to prevent @media CSS from being inlined
  • Review X-Priority, X-Mailer and List-Unsubscribe email headers
  • phpMailer update to 5.2.14
  • Newsletter stats
  • Review automatic inline styler if a connection isn’t made


  • Cannot save “Authenticate Link Text” setting
  • Do not fill date field (datepicker) if date is empty (0000-00-00)
  • Unsubscription notifications not sending from Manage Subscriptions page
  • Default theme/template not selected when loading a snippet into editor
  • Only ISO-8859-1 should be UTF-8 encoded upon import
  • Auto delete inactive subscriptions not working
  • Could not schedule cron hook, please check the settings
  • Bulk delete bounced subscribers not working
  • Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_convert_encoding()
  • Latest posts subscription multiple schedules and wrong times
  • Snippet not loaded in editor
  • Shortcode [newsletters_if…] not populating content areas
  • When saving a custom field with options Fatal error: Call to a member function save() on a non-object
  • Input fields missing in some admin sections
  • Some tables on new installations not created
  • Some post titles are not linking to the posts correctly
  • Text area/block custom field loses formatting in newsletter
  • Import users doesn’t update existing subscribers with new meta values
  • Latest posts subscription firing twice
  • WPML + latest posts subscription wrong language
  • Redirect on subscribe not working for offsite code

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