Newsletters 4.6 Release Notes


WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.6 release notes


  • Import subscribers CSV Ajax preupload and preview
  • Subscriber meta model and database table for storing values on subscribers
  • SendGrid API for sending emails/newsletters
  • Output post/page custom field values with [newsletters_meta key=”metakey”]
  • Show newsletter in autoresponder email section
  • Select Active, Inactive, All status when sending a newsletter
  • Mandrill email API
  • Seach for authors/users while creating a newsletter
  • Amazon SES email API
  • The ability to send a plain TEXT newsletter only without formatting/HTML
  • Link ([newsletters_subscribe_link…]…[/newsletters_subscribe_link]) in newsletter to subscribe to mailing lists


  • Deprecated PHP function preg_replace to preg_replace_callback
  • Reduce the number of menu items in admin dashboard
  • Queue autoresponders instead of sending immediately
  • utf8_encode() on date strings
  • Parse shortcodes in the excerpt of posts
  • Do not change email attachment file names
  • Deprecated constructor / PHP7 compatibility
  • Convert ISO 8859-15 to UTF-8 upon import
  • FontAwesome update to 4.5.0
  • Load scripts/styles locally instead of CDN/remote
  • Import, queue, send, etc. Ajax progress in larger batches
  • Parse shortcodes with do_shortcode() in hidden custom field values
  • Change admin_print_scripts to admin_enqueue_scripts
  • Custom fields shortcode changed from [wpmlfield…] to [newsletters_field…]
  • Improved custom field shortcodes in newsletters
  • Major performance improvements by autoloading classes
  • Remove (recommended) next to local server
  • More columns in “Emails Sent” CSV export like unsubscribe, etc.


  • Autoresponder apply existing sends multiple for the same subscriber
  • Call to style.less file that doesn’t exist
  • New latest posts instance doesn’t fire unless paused and unpaused
  • “Images” column is not removed with Avatars deselected in screen option
  • unsubscribe-success.php file missing in /default/
  • Comma separated admin emails break spam score utility
  • Not able to save custom field dropdown options with shopping cart plugin active
  • Autoresponder “Always send option” send autoresponder to subscriptions on other lists
  • Visual Composer and Multilingual breaks Ajax calls URLs
  • Send as Newsletter with post(s) shortcodes in it breaks
  • DKIM signature not working
  • No confirmation email send on import
  • Newsletter resending from post/page “Send as Newsletter”
  • Last autoresponder in series doesn’t send
  • First autoresponder sends twice
  • Broken CKEditor in the newsletter template section
  • Unsubscribe emails not working from manage subscription page
  • Delete under clicks does not work
  • Admin cannot edit hidden fields on subscribers
  • Bulk actions under Newsletters > Clicks not working
  • Autoresponder pending emails count disappears when sorting
  • Problem with importing checkbox, select and radio custom fields from CSV
  • Custom fields removed on “resubscribe” link
  • Visual Composer post shortcodes conflict
  • Autoresponders sent to all subscribers with always send off

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