Newsletters Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin release notes


  • Do not show private mailing lists on manage subscriptions page
  • Updated extensions section with new extensions
  • Support for ISO encoded CSV files in new import
  • Add a setting for not allowing subscribers to unsubscribe from a private list


  • Delete newsletter custom posts when sent & draft emails are deleted
  • Auth not generated on import, preventing unsubscribe, etc.
  • Resubscribe link doesn’t work
  • Autoresponder emails not going out
  • Confirmation email/link not working
  • No history emails on email history page
  • Wrong confirmation email sent in some cases upon optin
  • Custom field segmentation broken when creating newsletter
  • Cannot save checkboxes custom field on subscriber
  • List checkboxes subscribe form with specific lists shows all lists on refresh
  • Links/clicks wrong date recorded
  • Custom fields in newsletter showing in new line/paragraph
  • WordPress database error due to key length for index
  • Removing a mailinglist on saving a draft is not removing the mailiglist
  • Authentication email message not showing on manage subscription page – default theme folder
  • Unsubscribe link show all mailinglists the newsletter was sent to
  • Mandatory user can unsubscribe

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