Newsletters: Amazon SES API


This guide will help you to set up the API for Amazon SES for the Tribulant WordPress Newsletter plugin.


Amazon SES

1. What is Amazon SES?

Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is an SMTP email relay service provided by Amazon which you can use to send out bulk emails through your WordPress Newsletter plugin.

The advantage is that you get emails reliably and efficiently delivered to your subscribers at a very affordable cost and without the risk of overloading or blacklisting your own server.


2. Setting up the Amazon SES API in the Newsletter plugin

First log in to your Amazon AWS console and then go to SES. Pleas ensure that you have applied for SES and that you have then requested live/production access else it is not ready to use yet.


2.1. Add Verified Senders

Inside SES, go to “Verified Senders” and click “Verify a New Email Address” button at the top to start the verification process.

The first email address to verify is the “From Address” email address under Newsletters > Configuration > General > General Mail Settings. This is the address that you’re sending emails from. The “From” header set on all outgoing emails.

Finish the verification process as instructed by Amazon SES to continue.


2.2. Get Amazon Key & Secret

Go to Services > IAM and create a new IAM user. Under permissions- give the user full SES access. On creation of the IAM user you will get an access and secret key. You can then fill it in the API settings of the plugin.



2.3. Fill in the Newsletter plugin Settings

With the Amazon SES Key & Secret values you are ready to fill these settings into the Newsletter plugin to test the email settings and hopefully start sending bulk emails immediately.

Go to Newsletters > Configuration > General: General Mail Settings and choose “API” for the “Mail Type” setting to see the API settings appear. Select Amazon SES.


  1. On user creation in Amazon SES you will get a Amazon Key and Amazon Secret. Please fill that values in the configuration settings of the plugin.
  2. Select your Amazon region. If it says “Only sending”, as per Amazon’s instructions, it means “Amazon SES does not support email receiving in the following Regions…”, which means that it does not support bounce detection, and anything related to email receiving.
  3. If you haven’t verify the email address in your Amazon dashboard, you can do it with the action provided. Simply click the “Verify Email Address” button.
  4. To view your verified emails, click the “Get Verified Emails”.
  5. You can also view your Amazon send Quota. Click the “Get Send Quota” button to get your send quota.


With that done, click the “Test Email Settings” button to send a test to your own email address. The plugin should show that it is successful and you will receive a test email within a moment.

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