Newsletters 4.6.2 Release Notes


WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.6.2 release notes


  • IP address column under Newsletters > Subscribers in admin
  • Subscribe forms interface with drag/drop form builder and settings per form
  • Progress bar for forms with file upload custom fields
  • Ability to remove/delete uploaded file in subscribe form/manage subscriptions
  • Replace video URL with video image and play icon and link to video
  • Minimum number of posts setting for latest posts subscription
  • “Add Mailing List” in several sections to add list while staying on the screen
  • Specify custom size for [newsletters_post_thumbnail…] eg size=”300,200″
  • Let subscribers extend their existing, active paid subscriptions
  • Show expiry date for paid subscriptions on manage subscribers page


  • Remove newsletters.log file at an interval so it doesn’t get too large
  • Show price of list per interval under Newsletters > Mailing Lists
  • Create a new sent/draft email for each latest posts subscription queue/send
  • Disable all fields in subscribe form upon Ajax submit
  • Make Google reCAPTCHA ASYNC so it is not cached
  • Handle WP_Error on inline CSS on theme/template
  • Set paid subscription paid date to created date on import
  • Remove pie chart from Sent & Draft Emails section overview
  • Faster and more accurate import WordPress users as subscribers
  • Improved PayPal paid subscriptions reliability
  • Save Latest Sent Posts to Sent/Drafts
  • Updated PayPal IPN for paid subscriptions


  • Shorcodes not included with snippet in text version
  • Paid subscriptions incorrectly extending for first payment
  • Duplicate indexes on some database tables
  • Date shortcode not showing in correct language
  • Line breaks not included in text formatted emails
  • vCard file not importing properly
  • Import subscribers preview shows utf8 characters incorrectly
  • Import subscribers encoding issues with non-UTF8 files
  • Manage Subscriptions “Log out” doesn’t remove cookies/session properly
  • Reactivating plugin restores some settings like default template
  • “Use progress bar to queue/send emails” is always ticked/checked
  • WPML language not switching properly for entire newsletter template
  • Shortcodes not working in email snippets
  • Do not use date_default_timezone_set(), conflicts with some plugins date/time
  • WordPress database error: [Illegal mix of collations…]
  • [newsletters_meta…] not working in posts loop
  • Unsubscribe on User Deletion not working
  • Strip shortcode tags from system emails since they are irrelevant
  • Read more link not shown on [newsletters_sendas…]
  • Content before/after [newsletters_posts_loop] is repeating for each post
  • Some shortcodes don’t work when sending a preview
  • Unsubscribes section mailing lists incorrect

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