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Subscribe forms lets you create forms, each with it’s own fields, settings and purpose.
Each form can then be displayed on your WordPress website for users to subscribe.

The subscribe forms builder is extremely easy to use.

Manage Subscribe Form

Go to Newsletters > Subscribe Forms to see an overview of all subscribe forms. You can add a new form or manage forms in this section of the plugin.


1.) Add New

Add a new Subscribe form by clicking the Add New button. It will open an overview with the form builder to add a new form. (See below more details for adding a form)

2.) Bulk Actions

Apply bulk actions by selected subscribe forms. The only bulk action available at this moment is delete.

3.) Search Forms

Search for a form in the search field provided.

4.) Title

The name/ title of the subscribe forms

5.) Shortcode

Each form get a shortcode. You can use this shortcode anywhere on your site to show the subscribe form. eg. "[newsletters_subscribe form=11]"

6.) Subscriptions

This column show the number of subscriptions per form. If you click on the number an overview with subscribers will open. You can manage subscribers in this section per  form.


Add a New Form

Newsletters > Subscribe Form – Add new


1.) Form Builder

A drag and drop form builder to add and remove fields for your form.

2.) Settings

General Settings


Add button text, enable ajax and Captcha for this form under general settings.

Confirmation Settings


Set confirmation type – Message or Redirect link to show after successfully subscribed on the form

3.) Preview

Preview the form – it will show the exact preview on how the form will look on the front end of the website.


4.) Subscriptions

In this section it will show a manage subscription screen where you can mangage all subscription per form

5.) Switch Form

Switch to one of your other forms by clicking on it in the dropdown menu provided

6.) Form Name

Add a name / title for your form.

7.) Shortcode

A shortcode for each form will be generated automatically. Use this shortcode on any page on your website to show this form. eg. "[newsletters_subscribe form=11]"

8.) Form Fields

The current fields in your form. You can drag more fields from section 9 to this section and reorder them by drop and drag. Mailing list and email is required for each form.

9.) Custom Fields

Drag and drop these fields to the form builder. These fields can be created under Newsletters > Custom Fields.

10.) Save

Save the form after building it with the form builder.

Configure a field

Configure a field in the form builder, by clicking the arrow to expand the box.

It’s basic details of the custom field. It will automatically use the settings per field specified when creating the field under Newsletters > Custom Fields.

You can manually change each setting per field by filling it in the fields provided in the expanded box.

Below an example of a text field (First Name)



Watch the video of subscribe forms


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