Newsletters 4.6.3 Release Notes


 WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.6.3 release notes


  • Add new shortcode for [newsletters_activate_url]
  • Fields conditions on checkboxes custom fields
  • Always show/specific lists bulk action for custom fields in admin
  • See all expired and active paid subscriptions respectively
  • Show unsubscribe per sent newsletter
  • Setting to turn On/Off the resubscribe link on unsubscribe
  • Link to newsletter from Newsletters > Configuration > Latest Posts Subscriptions
  • Use hidden custom fields for fields conditions/segmentation
  • Edit paid subscription paid date and expiration date, etc.
  • Multiple payment methods for paid subscriptions


  • Apply new system emails and backup previous ones
  • Increase wp_remote_get() timeout value throughout
  • Prevent multiple/duplicate admin notifications to the same email
  • Register “read” on the day it was read, not the email sent date
  • Indicate when a post/page has already been sent with “Send as Newsletter”
  • Improve help (?) icons in admin panel
  • 2CO sandbox account support
  • Remove all PHP flush() calls
  • Ignore more tag on full post in newsletter


  • Permissions/sections/roles reset upon plugin update
  • Generate new API key not working, returns 0
  • Style and Script checkboxes reset when installing a new update.
  • Untick all list checkboxes on subscribe form shows all fields
  • links not generated
  • Unsubscribe link show all mailinglists or wrong lists for unsubscribe
  • Incorrect mailing lists in unsubscribe email notification
  • Sent & Draft stats show all lists on a subscriber
  • Existing subscriber redirect to manage subscription page on “Do nothing” setting selected
  • Links generated in [newsletters_post_loop] don’t track
  • Scheduling a newsletter increments “sent”
  • “Quick Edit” of post/page sends newsletter again
  • [newsletters_meta…] not working in post loop with no [post_excerpt] shortcode
  • Date field not prefilled on Manage Subscriptions
  • Extend paid subscription not updating
  • Paid subscription is reset/removed when subscriber is edited
  • XSS security vulnerability
  • Enforce required custom field on subscribing from manage subscription page
  • PayPal recurring subscription subscr_cancel not working
  • List specific custom fields required on Manage Subscriptions even if not subscribed
  • Fields become inactive with list choice in subscribe form
  • Fields empty when updating lists in checkboxes subscribe form
  • Editing a subscriber shows empty custom fields
  • Checkboxes custom field not pre-checking on Manage Subscriptions
  • Comma separated admin emails break some admin notifications

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