Newsletters 4.6.5

Release notes for WordPress Newsletters plugin 4.6.5


  • Show “Offsite HTML” under Subscribe Forms > Codes
  • Compatibility with Rapid Mailer shortcodes for migration
  • IMAP for bounce handling as well as POP feature


  • Remove phpMailer from the plugin package and use phpMailer included in WordPress
  • Prevent double queuing on post/page with multiple save_post hook fires
  • Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons
  • Faster Amazon SES API sending with bulk mode to reuse handler
  • Remove background processing from autoload to increase site performance
  • Faster queuing and database load reduced
  • Faster and more reliable POP3 fetching on large mailboxes
  • Faster counting of queued emails to reserve memory
  • Further multi-site improvements
  • Push error emails to the end of the queue
  • Offsite popup should redirect manage subscriptions in parent/main window


  • MessageID not saving on wp_mail emails
  • Delete bulk action on newsletters not accurate
  • Unsubscribe “This email was not sent to any lists” after changing lists on newsletter
  • Duplicate emails sending when trying to send too many per interval
  • Apostrophe in email address causes database error
  • Avada Fusion page builder breaks the TinyMCE editor
  • History items cannot be removed
  • Possible double queuing of emails/newsletters
  • Queue process WordPress cron does not always start the first time
  • Possible about page “Too many redirects…”
  • Multi-site problems with queue, importing, etc.
  • “Clear” on history doesn’t remove emails, stats, etc.

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