Newsletters Release Notes


WordPress Newsletter plugin release notes.


  • Really Simple Captcha preview in admin settings
  • Javascript action hooks for subscribe forms using jQuery trigger()
  • Multilingual subscribe forms
  • Custom CSS per subscribe form using SASS
  • Multilingual group names
  • Ace editor for custom CSS
  • Add Mandrill in again for those who use Mandrill for sending
  • Show autoresponder emails sent/waiting per autoresponder
  • Interface to set color, font, sizes, background, etc. per subscribe form
  • Show batches/emails in queue with the new queue system
  • Unsubscribe button in admin
  • Turn on/off scroll to form per subscribe form
  • Setting to hide or show a private list in manage subscription page
  • Sparkpost API and webhooks
  • Do database updates in the background
  • Edit authenticate email message under system emails
  • Specify another subject for a newsletter when sending a post
  • Create, configure and customize predefined subscribe forms


  • Do not apply BR tags for wpautop() function on some emails
  • Apply gettext translation to [newsletters_bloginfo…] shortcode value
  • POP/IMAP expunge and disconnect when done
  • Show “Updates” item in menu when an update is available
  • Cron hooks should not exit/die but return to WordPress
  • Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons
  • More secure permissions on export files
  • Enable Scripts per Page/Post
  • Do not load subscribe form fields per list if there aren’t any to load


  • Really Simple Captcha text color default value loads as Array
  • Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes
  • Unknown column ‘wp_wpmlsubscribers.lists’ in ‘order clause’
  • File field on subscribe form is always required
  • Authenticate email template newline formatting broken
  • Rendering of unsubscribe-success-user.php failed
  • Segmentation database error could result in no emails queued
  • Resubscribe gives an error message
  • POP radio button not pre-checked
  • Saving draft broken by cache
  • Confirmation message not showing on subscribe form without Ajax
  • Unknown character set: ‘utf8mb4’ error if the CHARSET is not supported
  • Fields conditions checkbox segmentation not accurate
  • Newsletter template not included in the WordPress registration system email
  • Drafts/future scheduled newsletters showing in archive
  • Plugin changes folder names between updates

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