Newsletters 4.6.6 Release Notes


WordPress Newsletter plugin version 4.6.6 release notes


  • Insert HTML code before/after a subscribe form in it’s settings
  • Send Batch button per batch in the email queue to send emails
  • Tips/instructions for why queue emails are not sending
  • Show subscribers import scheduled task under Newsletters > Configuration
  • Setting to enable/disable the API
  • Set default mailing list to use in the system in various places
  • Video shortcode and TinyMCE editor video button
  • Use first image of post/page for blogs without featured image functionality (tx Ted Eytan)
  • Settings to specify video image width/height
  • Static textdomain for compatibility with WPML String Translation
  • Invisible Google reCAPTCHA option for subscribe forms
  • HTML support for the caption/description of custom fields
  • Allowed hosts configuration for API for security
  • MemberPress integration (extension)
  • Remove from mailing list feature to bulk remove


  • Timezone (date/time) improvements throughout
  • Only show queue errors for current batch page
  • Do not disable “Save Draft” button on auto saving
  • Parse Visual Composer shortcodes in newsletters
  • Use full TinyMCE editor instead of teeny in all places
  • Move all queue errors to it’s own page
  • Check for DISABLE_WP_CRON and display notification message
  • MySQL NOW() not always accurate on all hosts
  • Improvements to subscribe form Javascript
  • Better and more reliable link/click tracking that works
  • Shortcodes/variables accessible under System Emails section
  • Sort mailing lists alphabetically in some lists/selects
  • Save the origin/referrer of subscriber for reference
  • More clear message after initiating the background import of subscribers
  • Prevent themes from applying events to tabs
  • Change input submit elements to button elements
  • Change unsubscribe comments textarea from cols 100%
  • Check if class DOMDocument exists before calling it
  • Track clicks on View Online and other internal links
  • Deregister outdated WooCommerce Select2 on Manage Subscriptions
  • Hostname empty on some hosting crons, breaks serial key validation
  • Use Emogrifier for faster, more accurate inline styles
  • Keep save draft button active with no subscribers selected
  • Language/translation improvements for translators
  • Improve UTC time zone compatibility
  • Support for multiple reCAPTCHA per page


  • New custom field prefilled with other field values
  • Timezone reversal problem
  • Importing with Show Progress always sets as active
  • Multiple confirmation emails to subscribers on import
  • Registered status of subscriber doesn’t update if registered as user afterwards
  • WPML false message “subscriber management post/page does not exist”
  • Wrong mailing list/s on subscriber in admin areas
  • File upload custom field issues in FireFox and IE
  • Line breaks (Shift + Return) are stripped/ignored in newsletters
  • Issue on manage subscriptions with reading cookie/session
  • Importing checkbox custom fields don’t work
  • Unchecking “Specify Date Range” and “Fields Conditions” doesn’t clear all fields, they still apply
  • Online print link shows wrong newsletter
  • Fatal error: Call to a member function delete_all()… when deleting post/page
  • “Go to section…” under Configuration > System very wide/long
  • Default newsletter themes/templates not loading on activation
  • Possible XSS vulnerability (credit DefenseCode)
  • W3TC object cache causes problems in admin panel
  • 0 value in custom field doesn’t save/work
  • Click tracking doesn’t work on hostname with multiple dots (.)
  • Possibility of fields conditions segmentation database error
  • Object cache causes too many redirects on about page
  • Not all content areas duplicate with newsletter

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