Newsletters 4.6.7 Release Notes


Release notes for version 4.6.7 of the WordPress Newsletter plugin.


  • New WP_List_Table layout for Newsletters > Sent & Draft Emails section
  • “Screen Options” for columns under Sent & Draft Emails section
  • Set confirmation/activation email per subscribe form
  • Apply WordPress nonce to all forms and URLs for security
  • Copy buttons next to shortcodes, hardcodes, etc.
  • WordPress 4.8+ compatibility
  • Download newsletter as HTML file
  • Archive status for newsletters with a filter
  • PolyLang multilingual integration feature


  •  Show import count under Scheduled Tasks section
  •  Bypass serial key check on DOING_CRON
  •  Fix PHP deprecated constructors
  •  Preferred date format in admin sections for cron schedules, etc.
  •  Update all URLs to SSL (https://) for all resources
  •  Check the value of DISABLE_WP_CRON
  •  Remove unused cron jobs
  •  Status (active/paused) setting when saving/editing latest posts subscription
  •  Delete posts on latest posts subscription with Ajax (no refresh)
  •  Datepicker CSS improvements
  •  Add an ALT attribute to the open/read tracking image
  •  Do not clear the newsletters.log file daily
  •  Apply inline styles to online newsletter view
  •  Long HTML lines breaks newsletter in some clients PHP mailer


  • Manage Subscriptions account takeover
  • Possible XSS issue on Manage Subscriptions page
  • Spam score gauge/meter broken
  • Accents values not importing from CSV
  • Link/click tracking not working with Google Analytics extension
  • Mail attachments from bounce mailbox saving to plugin’s folder
  • TEXT subscribers get garbled HTML
  • Fatal error: Call to protected method PhpImap\Mailbox::disconnect()
  • Slow down by multiple update checks in the dashboard
  • Import confirmation doesn’t activate subscription
  • Custom fields search gives a database error
  • Searching clicks gives a database error
  • Cannot uncheck “Password Authentication” checkbox
  • Fatal error: addAllMappedShortcodes with older versions of Visual Composer
  • Date/time changes when latest posts subscription is edited/saved
  • Possible duplicate emails with Latest Posts Subscriptions feature
  • Time incorrect on latest posts subscriptions
  • Keep “Send as Newsletter” subject empty if it’s empty
  • Autoresponders loop with import WordPress users update and always send
  • Welcome/about screen layout broken with WordPress 4.8
  • W3 Total Cache duplicate/double Manage Subscriptions page

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