Newsletters – Gravity Forms Subscribers 1.3 release notes


WordPress Newsletter pluginGravity Forms Subscribers version 1.3 release notes.


  • Automatic upgrades/updates in WordPress.
  • Show checkbox value in notification email.
  • Show field for Name (first & last) -“Name” field.
  • Add newsletter condition in conditional logic.
  • Map Gravity Forms Name field (prefix, first, last, middle, etc.) to multiple custom fields.


  • Log unsubscribes with unsubscribe checkbox.
  • Notice: admin-functions.php is deprecated since version 2.5.0!
  • Deprecated class constructor in PHP.
  • Old format fields compatibility.
  • For unsubscribe, only show email address custom field in admin.
  • Cast Array to Object for older forms/versions.


  • Auto check checkbox becomes unchecked with conditional logic.
  • Resubmitting the entire subscription and all lists.
  • Wrong label showing with some settings.
  • Unable to add the newsletter field to a form.
  • Select width issue on custom fields.
  • Multiple subscribe checkbox fields overwriting one another.

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