Newsletters 4.6.10 Release Notes


Release notes for version 4.6.10 of the WordPress Newsletter plugin.


  • Show TEXT version of newsletter in live preview
  • New, responsive newsletter template called “Creator”
  • New “Import Settings” box under Subscribers configuration section
  • Delete file after importing subscribers
  • Default template for TEXT part of multi-part emails
  • Setting to turn on/off IP address storage of subscribers
  • See country of subscribers by IP and filter by country
  • GDPR Requirements link under Newsletters > Configuration
  • Button under Captha Settings to easily install Really Simple Captcha plugin
  • Default GDPR consent field for free version of Newsletter plugin
  • Ability to link an autoresponder to form/s as well
  • Make reCAPTCHA multilingual
  • Option/setting to process and delete all emails in bounce mailbox
  • Allow pages post type to be used in latest posts subscriptions
  • Multilingual subscribe/confirm redirect URL
  • Unsubscribe bulk action under Newsletters > Subscribers
  • Setting to create custom field options with CSV import when they don’t exist
  • “Prevent autoresponders” checkbox on import
  • Setting to import the main stylesheet (style.css) of the WordPress theme
  • Delete subscribers in a mailing list


  • SendGrid API upgrade to version 3
  • Updated DKIM Crypt RSA library
  • CKEditor update to 4.9.2
  • Improved encoding detection on importing
  • Log autoresponders on created date of subscriber, not import date
  • Automatically check newly created mailing list using dialog
  • Make importing of custom field options not case-sensitive
  • Edit and drag icons on subscribe form builder fields
  • Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed
  • PHP FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL not always accurate
  • Redirect back to referrer after checking bounces manually
  • DKIM private_string
  • Delete bounce email notification if subscriber isn’t found
  • Remove eval() from premade themes installation
  • Put ISO country codes in countries database table


  • Possible to insert a space to validate a not empty custom field
  • Activation link not in message when importing
  • Encoding issue when switching to newsletter builder
  • reCAPTCHA not working with non-ajax subscribe forms
  • Subscriber values get reset when saving in admin
  • Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_languages_list() on null
  • Color picker broken in some sections
  • Mailing list/s not pre-checked when editing custom field
  • Selecting a post from “Single Post” doesn’t do anything
  • Link in custom field description breaks
  • grecaptcha.render is not a function Javascript error
  • Fields not deleting from forms when deleted
  • reCAPTCHA deprecated constructor warning
  • DKIM broken and not working
  • Very long paragraphs break layout
  • Latest posts subscription to paid list/s sends to expired subscribers
  • Manage Subscriptions with only profile not showing content immediately
  • Multiple clicks recorded when clicking on unsubscribe link
  • SparkPost links broken
  • Not sending multi-part emails with SendGrid (only HTML)
  • Autoresponders are sending out with import
  • Autoresponder emails sometimes send twice
  • Shortcodes don’t work in custom TEXT version of newsletter
  • Empty bounce action in some cases
  • Delete subscriber from unsubscribe not working
  • Bounces reset on subscriber edit
  • Email address shows twice on subscriber view page in admin
  • Unsubscribe all link problem
  • Conflict with WooCommerce outdated Select2 dropdowns
  • Using recurring + scheduled together causes confusion
  • Serial key issue with WPML and subdomains/different domains
  • Auto create lists during import creates multiple lists

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