Newsletters 4.6.12 Release Notes


Release notes for version 4.6.12 of the WordPress Newsletter plugin.


  • WooCommerce products in newsletters
  • Import subscribers for deletion with a CSV
  • Defaults for “Send as Newsletter” per category
  • Gutenberg “Send as Newsletter” box
  • Live preview under subscribe form settings
  • Bootstrap upgrade to version 4
  • New ClipboardJS for copying without Flash
  • Check if PHP IMAP extension is installed/active
  • Setting to turn on/off two columns for forms in posts/pages
  • Multi-threaded email queue for faster sending of emails
  • Linksonly attribute in [newsletters_history…] shortcode to link to online version
  • Auto Import WordPress users – use new background process
  • Always BCC a specific email on all newsletters setting


  • Faster importing of subscribers in the background
  • Cache video URL data for faster sending
  • Optimize slow queries
  • Parse shortcodes in latest posts subject line
  • Remove asterix for required fields and (optional) next to not required fields
  • Add “Other” option to predefined gender custom field
  • Fixes to the old/legacy subscribe forms
  • Load online newsletter on newsletters archive
  • “Manage Subscribe Forms” link inside admin widget setup
  • Indented child configuration settings with arrows for better legibility
  • Show only sent newsletters with newsletters_history shortcode enhancement


  • session_start breaks WordPress loopback request
  • Subscribers list shows wrong number of subscribers
  • Bounced emails are still synced with Auto Import WordPress Users
  • View in browser link of any subscriber accessible
  • MailGun EU server doesn’t work
  • Metaboxes not opening/closing
  • Scheduled newsletter queues repeatedly when open
  • PHP REMOTE_ADDR is on some hosting environments
  • Slash for apostrophe showing in subscribe form titles
  • Rate/review request is showing up immediately
  • reCAPTCHA not always showing
  • Mediavine Control Panel conflict $Auth variable
  • “No unique ID was specified” in the error log
  • Can’t choose category from “Insert Single Post” dialog
  • endGrid “Content must be…” error on Preview
  • DKIM private key box is empty
  • Database error in autoresponders hook
  • reCAPTCHA “Create a set of keys” link opens blank dialog
  • Setting 1 email per interval doesn’t remove email from the queue
  • Queue sends too many emails at a time bug

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