Defaults for “Send as Newsletter” per category

You can choose default settings for the Send as Newsletter feature when publishing posts, pages, etc when using the WordPress Newsletter plugin.

This useful feature can be found under Newsletters > Configuration > System Emails > Send as Newsletter.

When you create a new post or page in WordPress, the mailing list/s will be preselected based on your post category selections made or when you post by email, these settings can be used to automatically queue and send a newsletter.

1.  Use these settings when posting my email

Check/uncheck to use/not use the settings when posting by email. When this is turned on and you publish posts by email, these default Send as Newsletter settings will be used to queue and send a newsletter when you publish a post by email.

2. + Add New Setting

Clicking on + sign will add a new default setting. Here  you will be able to choose the desired Category and  Mailing list/s, or delete the entire block.

3.  Category

Choose the desired category from all available categories.

4. List/s

Choose one or more mailing lists from all available mailing lists.

5. Trash

Delete the entire setting.

6. New Block

Every time you click the + sign, a new block with all available options will add to the area. You can have as many as you like.

Send as Newsletter

The feature takes effect when you write a post/page in WordPress under Posts > Add New for example in the Send as Newsletter box.

1. Yes, send this post as a newsletter

Check/uncheck to send/don’t send the post/page as Newsletter.

2. Edit The Template Used

The system email layout used for sending a post/page as a newsletter can be changed according to your needs. Click the button to edit it.

3. Language

Choose available language

4. Subject

Enter the subject or leave it empty. If you leave it empty, the post title will be used automatically.

5. Full/Excerpt of Post

Choose whether the full post or only an excerpt should be used.

6. Show Date/Author

Choose whether to show post meta such as date and author

7. Select Template

Select desired email template to use.

8. Select Mailing List/s

Choose one or more mailing lists from available mailing lists.

Beautiful Newsletter Templates

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