Newsletter Config: Post Configuration

Newsletters > Configuration > General > Post  Configuration


1.) Custom Excerpt Setting

By turning this on you can specify your own excerpt length and more text.

2.) Excerpt Length

This is the length of the excerpt of posts when inserted into a newsletter. It will be the effective length if you are using the “[newsletters_post_excerpt]” shortcode. The length is in words and not characters.

3.) Excerpt More Text

Set the text of the “Read more” link which is placed at the end of an excerpt.

4.) Full Post or Excerpt

Excerpt will be the content before <!--more-->. if it is not available, an excerpt will be automatically generated. Select full post if you don’t want an excerpt of the post and want to display the full post.

5.) Include Unsubscribe link

With this setting on it will automatically add an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your post in your newsletter.

How to send a post as a Newsletter

The Newsletters plugin can send WordPress posts as newsletters. When adding or editing a WordPress post, you’ll notice a box below the TinyMCE editor captioned “Send as Newsletter” – this feature basically just pulls the HTML from the editor and uses it to create a newsletter. There are some configuration settings which allow you to choose how this feature should behave.

NOTE: this does not pick up the styling from the WordPress theme, newsletters have separate themes which is mentioned below at #3

1. qTranslate Language

This is only applicable for those who have qTranslate installed. It simply allows to specify which language from the post must be sent to the mailing lists you select. Only one language at a time can be chosen – you may want to edit the post and resend as newsletter several times to cover all the languages.

2.Full post or Excerpt

With this setting, you tell the plugin whether it should send the full post or only the excerpt as a newsletter.

The ‘Full Post’ setting will send the post as is without modifying it. The post content will also be parsed through the WordPress shortcode filter so any shorcodes inside the post content will be replaced with the appropriate actions as they should.

The ‘Excerpt of Post’ will send out the excerpt of the post, appended with a read more link to the full post on your website. The excerpt will be the content of the post before the <!--more--> tag. If there isn’t any <!--more--> tag in the post, an excerpt of the post will be automatically generated.

3. Select a Theme

This allows you to choose a theme for the newsletter, it will not affect the post at all. You can add more themes under Newsletters > Themes section, create one that looks like your site so that the newsletter matches. Else use one of the ones already available.

4. Select Mailing List(s)

A checkbox list of all your available mailing lists is shown here. Pick and choose which lists are relevant to the post which you are going to publish. Tick the box to select a list, untick to deselect. Multiple lists can be ticked at once.

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