Newsletters: Templates


The WordPress Newsletter plugin comes with premade templates that you can select when sending out Newsletters.

  • 10 premade templates are included (as indicated in the image above).
  • New templates can be easily added by uploading an HTML file or pasting HTML code.
  • Existing templates can be easily changed by re-uploading a new HTML file or editing the HTML.
  • Both HTML, CSS and WordPress shortcodes can be put into themes.
  • Each time a post is sent as a newsletter or a new newsletter is created, a theme can be chosen.
  • A global, default theme can be chosen for system emails.


Templates Included


Get More Templates!

The WordPress Newsletter plugin templates management allows you to add any of your own, custom themes by submitting an HTML layout.

Visit our Newsletter Templates Store or have a look at ThemeForest Email Templates for a selection of beautiful, premium email templates which can easily be added to the plugin.


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