Newsletters v3.8 Release Notes


WordPress Newsletters plugin v3.8 release notes.


  • Display custom fields of a subscriber in the admin email notification.
  • When exporting to a specific list, you can choose whether to export all-, only active- or only inactive subscriptions.
  • POP/IMAP mailbox bounce feature to handle bounced emails at a configured interval.
  • ‘Check Bounced Emails’ button in the ‘Subscribers’ section to check the POP/IMAP mailbox at any given time.
  • Delete subscriber on specific bounce count. You can specify a number, for example, on the 3rd bounce to a specific subscriber, it will be deleted.
  • Global email priority setting (High, Normal, Low). Your recipients will see the priority in their email clients.


  • ID values of elements starting with numbers prevented XHTML validation.
  • Shortcode/embedded subscription form with Ajax turned off had a problem with posting to the correct URL.
  • Emails didn’t queue when an email attachment was uploaded/added.
  • Editing the title/name of a custom field broke its slug and as a result, the ‘Subscribers’ section.
  • Fixes to custom fields values, checkboxes and several sections due to an attribute escape and stripslashes bug.
  • Editing a subscriber didn’t pre-tick/select its existing lists since v3.7.8
  • Return-Path header for bounce handling when using the WP Mail function wasn’t added.
  • Shortcode for subscription form with muliple choice “checkboxes” didn’t work while “multiple” worked.
  • Require activation not required didn’t work for subscriptions through the WordPress registration page.


  • Default theme is now the checked radio button instead of NONE.
  • When sending the first/latest newsletter to new subscribers, the History theme is now used rather than the default theme.
  • When a subscriber unsubscribes its current email(s) in the queue for that list(s) should be removed as well.

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