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1. Paid Subscriptions

This is set to “No” by default.

The paid subscription feature allows you to create paid mailing lists which are charged a specific price per specified interval. In other words, your subscribers on that list have to pay to continue receiving the newsletter.

When you create a mailing list in the ‘Mailing Lists’ section, you have the ability of choosing whether or not the list is a paid list. When you set the list as a paid list, you have to specify a price (currency changeable in ‘Configuration’) and an interval (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) on which the subscribers will be charged the specified price.

2. Currency

This is the currency of you wish to charge in. This by default is set to $ (USD). If you sell using a different currency then use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate currency. All amounts on both the front- and back-end will be presented with the specified currency symbol.

3. Redirect Immediately to Payment

Should the subscriber be redirected immediately to make payment? You can set it On for immediate redirection.

4. Admin Notification On Order

This is set to “Yes” by default and a notification will be sent to the administration email address when an order is placed.

5. Payment method

At present there are two payment options. PayPal and 2Checkout. PayPal is selected by default.

PayPal Configuration


In order to use PayPal for paid subscription, you need to fill in this PayPal settings.

1. PayPal Email Address

Enter your registered PayPal email that will receive the payments.

2. PayPal Subscriptions

Turning this On will result in an automatic, recurring payment by your subscribers through PayPal. Turning this Off will result in a once-off payment through PayPal by your subscribers each time.

3. PayPal Sandbox

‘Turn this On to use the PayPal Sandbox environment for testing purposes. Make sure you use a valid PayPal Sandbox Seller account for the PayPal Email Address setting above. For the Sandobx, you need to have port 443 over SSL protocol enabled on your hosting.

2CO Configuration


In order to use 2CO for paid subscription, you need to fill in this 2CO settings.

1. Vendor ID/Account Number

Enter your 2CO (2CheckOut) vendor ID/account number as provided to you by 2CO when you registered an account with them.

2. Vendor Secret

You can find and change the vendor secret in your 2CO account under Account > Site Management. This vendor secret is used for a hashing algorithm to ensure transactions are not tampered with.

3. Demo Mode

Use 2CO demo mode for testing purposes in order to process transactions without charging the card. This setting will only work if demo mode is set to Parameter of On in your 2CO account under Account. You can use the testing card 4111111111111111 for an approved response.

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