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Email Scheduling

Basically allows to reduce the massive load of emails by breaking down the queue into small amounts of emails in small intervals. Many people will encounter issues if they don’t use scheduling as their server/host does not provide the resources to send 100+ emails in one go – thus needing to schedule the emails.

1. Emails per Interval

This setting adjusts how many emails are sent out per Interval. The default is 50. It is recommended that you keep this setting below a value of 100 to avoid causing a bottle neck on your email server.

2. Cron/Schedule Type

You have two options. WordPress Cron or Server Cron Job.

We recommend that you use the Server Cron job and it requires that you manually set up a cron job on your server through your hosting control panel. Alternatively use the WordPress Cron but it is not always reliable and accurate. This cron method is automatic and by saving the Configuration there is nothing else that you need to do. The plugin and WordPress will take care of executing your schedules.

See the server cron job guide

3. Scheduling Interval

This setting is only available with WordPress Cron selected for the Cron/Schedule Type setting.

A dropdown list will allow you to to increase the scheduling interval in minutes, once a day, once a week, once a moth etc.

Keep the interval as low as possible. We recommend ‘Every 2 Minutes‘ or ‘Every 5 Minutes‘. That way you can have more frequent intervals and less emails per interval.

4. Sending Order

Choose the order in which the emails in the queue will be sent out.

5. Admin Notify on Execution

This is set to ‘No‘ by default. Selecting ‘Yes‘ will send a notification to the administrator’s email each time the queue is fired. It is just a simple email notifying you about the action.

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