Newsletters: v3.8.3 Release Notes


WordPress Newsletters plugin v3.8.3 release notes.


  • Latest posts subscription which sends out recent posts at your specified interval. Several settings are available such as number of posts, post categories, excluded posts, mailing list(s) to send to and the theme to use.
  • Multi-part emails with HTML and plain text MIME types to let the client software decide which one to use.


  • Draft emails which haven’t been sent out will not be displayed in the newsletters RSS feed anymore.
  • ‘Reset to Defaults’ link in the Configuration section was broken.
  • Dates in RSS feed for newsletters now uses RFC 2822 compliant date/time.
  • Emails didn’t queue for new installations.
  • POP/IMAP cron schedule used the same interval as the email queue schedule.


  • When viewing a history email, the email will be displayed with its theme like it was initially sent.
  • Moved tracking codes to the top, inside the BODY tag in all premade themes. You’ll have to do this manually for existing installations.
  • Actual content of the newsletter will not be parsed through the PHP parser anymore, only themes will be.
  • When an individual subscriber is viewed in the dashboard, its custom fields will not display in the correct order as the fields were ordered.


  • Multi-part emails with HTML and plain text parts to let the client software decide.
  • Now uses setlocale() so that the PHP date function can output the date in your language. Please note that it now uses strftime() instead of date() and thus you should check your “wpmldate” shortcode’s “format” parameter since strftime() uses different placeholders.

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