Newsletter: Overview

The Overview page shows the version of the Newsletter plugin currently installed, and gives the Administrator a quick view via a user friendly graph and easily readable widgets as to how many items/user or subscriptions there are in the following sections of the Newsletter plugin:

2015-08-06_11-30-45– Mailing Lists
– Subscribers
– Bounced E-mails
– E-mails
– Unsubscribes


The Overview Screen


1. Statistics Overview

The brand new statistics overview section provides detailed information about the number of subscribers on your website, the number of e-mails that have been sent and also the number of e-mails that bounced.

2. Recent E-mails

The recent e-mails section displays a list containing your most recent sent e-mails, making it easy for you to access and edit them.

3. Quick Access Sidebar

The Overview section now has a quick access sidebar that will let you easily access the most important areas of the Newsletter Plugin.

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