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1. Email Address

This is the email address of the subscriber and is the address to which the newsletter software will send its emails.

The plugin will validate the email address to ensure it is a valid email address and at the same time it will also check if the email address already exists in the database.

2. Mailing Lists

Tick/check the appropriate box(es) to assign the subscriber to the relevant mailing lists.

This categorizes the subscriber into certain “groups”.

3. Register as WordPress user

Choose either yes or no depending on whether you want the subscriber to be registered as a WordPress user. If you choose Yes, a WordPress user account will be automatically created for the subscriber so that they can log into your WordPress site later on.

4. WordPress Username

This field only becomes visible if ‘yes’ is ticked for number 3. The subscriber will then be registered as a WordPress user on your site with this username.

The plugin will validate to the username to check if it is valid and if it is already in use or not.

5. Email Format

Select the format of the emails that will be sent to the new subscriber. HTML and Text formats are available.

When the “Send Multipart Emails” setting is turned on under Newsletters > Configuration > General Mail Settings, this is irrelevant because the plugin sends all emails in both Text and HTML to let the client software decide which one to display.

6. Custom Fields

These are user defined fields which request additional information from the subscriber. They are custom fields which you already created under Newsletters > Custom Fields and you can type in values for them here specific to this subscriber.

7. Save Subscriber Button

Clicking this button will save all the relevant information that you have just added about the new subscriber. If there are any errors, the page will refresh and tell you what needs to be reviewed.

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