Newsletters: Save a Snippet

Newsletters > Email Snippets > Save a Snippet

Newsletters: Save a Snippet
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1. Title

This is where you will insert the title of your snippet for internal, identification purposes. With qTranslate support, as shown in this example, the title can be entered in a number of languages for multi-language use, if desired.

2. Upload/Insert

The “Add Media” button allows you to add images, audio or video to your Email Snippet. This makes use of the WordPress media uploader and gallery.


This is where you can change the view and/or the input language in the event that you want multi-language support via the qTranslate plugin. You have the choice between Visual and HTML. Visual is suggested as it is the easiest method to use, so unless you have experience in working with HTML then just stick with the Visual view.

4. Editing Options

The full TinyMCE rich text editor installed in WordPress is available to use for creating/editing the email snippet.

5. Text Input

This is where you will type out your snippet. Numbers 2, 3, and 4  all affect the text which you will type in this box. This is obviously where you will type in and lay out the snippet which you want to create and save for frequent use in your newsletters.

6. Save Snippet

Once you are satisfied with the snippet you have just made, click this button to save it and you will then have access to this snippet to use when ever you need it. The button is located in the sidebar to the right, or below the editor if the browser window is narrow (as in the example above).

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