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The View Draft section allows you to see a summary of when a newsletter was created and is to look at the different versions/drafts of that newsletter. This section also allows you to edit or change and delete a particular draft of a newsletter.

1. Re(send)/Change

Clicking this buttonwill take you to Newsletter >Sent Newsletterwhere you will be able to change/update the newsletter and resend it.

2. Preview

Preview the Newsletter content

3. Delete

Clicking delete button will delete/remove the record permanently from the database.

4. Duplicate

Duplicate this draft/sent newsletter by clicking on this button. You will be able to make changes and send it as a separate newsletter.

5. Stats

Bar chart/graph for each individual newsletter sent.


6. Newsletter Information

Some basic information about the newsletter that includes the subject, mail list, theme, author, tracking, date of creation etc.


7. Filter

Filter the subscribers of this newsletter according to sent/unsent , read/unread clicked/unclicked, bounced/unbounced status to have more control over the subscribers.

8. Export to CSV

You can export all the information in the table above into a CSV file.  Click the button, and then you will be provided with a link at the top of the screen to download the CSV. You can download and keep the CSV for records or what ever reason you may have.

9. Bulk Actions

Perform bulk actions on selected subscribers. Bulk actions includes export, delete, remove from list, move to another list etc.

10. Emails Sent

This section shows the email addresses the newsletter was sent to, along with the following statistics:

  • The name of the mailing list
  • Whether the newsletter had been sent to the email address
  • Whether the email had been opened by the recipient
  • Whether the email links inside the newsletter had been clicked on by the recipient
  • Whether the email had bounced or not
  • The date on which the newsletter had been sent to the specific subscribe

Newsletter Preview

At the bottom of the view History/Draft email section you will find a preview screen and “Open in New Window” link to open this newsletter in a new window when previewing it.


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