Newsletter: Save & Upload a Template


This section allows you to create and style your own themes. Alternatively, if you have any HTML theme you can upload the theme into your themes library for use with your newsletters or you can create a new theme with the visual editor.

  • This is a full HTML theme and should contain at least [newsletters_main_content] somewhere.
  • You may use PHP code inside themes and any of the shortcodes/variables.
  • Upload your images, stylesheets and other elements via FTP or the media uploader in WordPress. You need to ensure that all links, images and other references use full, absolute URLs.


Important Checklist for Newsletter Templates

There are a few things we recommend when using your own newsletter template:

1. Turn On Auto Inline Styles

Turn on “Auto Inline Styles” setting under Newsletters > Configuration > General > Sending Settings (in Advanced settings mode) to ensure that all CSS in the head of the newsletter template is applied to elements inline as style attributes. This will ensure cross-client compatibility.

2. Preserve Media Queries

If your newsletter template is responsive and contains @media queries for various devices, you can preserve the media queries in the head section and prevent them from being applied as inline styles as well with the use of a style tag and data-premailer="ignore" attribute on it.

Here is an example of how to do it:


How to Save a Newsletter Template


Uploading a theme:

1. Title

This is the title of your theme. When you create a theme give it a name that represents a short description of the theme. The name should be no more than 150 characters. Examples of names can be ‘Misty Blue’, ‘Dark Red’, ‘Monthly Newsletter’, ‘Weekly Newsletter’, etc.

2. Theme Type

Themes need to be in HTML. There are two ways to add the ‘code to the the theme. You can ‘Upload HTML File’ or ‘Past HTML Code’ The default is ‘Upload HTML File’ a seen in the picture above, with a browse button. By choosing ‘Paste HTML Code’ a text box will appear.

3. Choose HTML File

Uploading an HTML file works in exactly the same way as you would upload a picture or any other file in the WordPress editor. Click the browse button and select the file from your hard drive and press ‘Open/Ok’ in the selection window on your computer in the file will be automatically uploaded for you.

The other method is to simply cut and paste the HTML code into the text area that is provided when you select ‘Past Html Code’.

4. Inline styles

Set this setting to “Yes” to automatically convert all CSS rules into inline, style attributes in the HTML elements.

The purpose of inline styles is cross-client compatibility. Some email/webmail clients do not support style tags and requires inline CSS to display the email properly.

5. Shortcode link color

Control the color of the links generated by shortcodes

6. Save Theme

When you are done click the save button to save any changes or updates.


Create a theme with visual editor


1. Title

This is the title of your theme. When you create a theme give it a name that represents a short description of the theme.

2. Theme Type

By choosing the HTML code option you can create a theme in the visual editor or by adding HTML code, clicking the source button as image below:


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