Newsletter plugin v3.8.4 release notes


WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.4 release notes.


  • Serial key validation.
  • Porteguese (pt_PT) translation by Pedro Daniel Martinho.
  • Test email settings utility with error reporting in Configuration.
  • Subscribe checkbox for WordPress comment form.
  • Inserting single/multiple WordPress posts into newsletters with TinyMCE.
  • Email history shortcode functions added to TinyMCE button.
  • Shortcode [wpmlmailinglist] to output the name of the mailing list.
  • You can show custom fields in Subscribers section on the ‘Screen Options’ tab.
  • Saves WordPress author to History/Draft emails based on user_ID.
  • Setting to prevent Latest Posts Subscription interval from being overwritten.
  • Server cron job feature added to the Email Scheduling which improves the sending of queued emails and is more reliable.


  • [wpmldate] shortcode had the wrong “format” example on Send Newsletter screen.
  • Online newsletter shortcodes are now replaced with appropriate values.
  • Fixed tab index on custom fields when saving subscriber in admin.
  • ‘Change’ button when viewing a Template was broken but works now.
  • Currency and number format for paid mailing lists are now updated as configured.
  • “Acknowledgement” was spelled incorrectly under Appearance > Widgets.
  • With Ajax turned off, post/page embedded subscription form didn’t post to correct URL with pretty permalinks on WordPress default.


  • Better paid subscription PayPal IPN validation procedure.
  • ‘Send as Newsletter’ block on the post screen is now dependent on the User Level setting under Configuration.
  • Prevent the loading of Javascript and CSS of the plugin throughout the entire administration panel. Only loads onthe Newsletter plugin sections.


  • MySQL TEXT type was changed to LONGTEXT for emails, templates and themes to increase the character/byte limit.
  • Upgraded phpMailer and phpMailer SMTP class files to new version.
  • Database collation from utf8_bin (binary) to utf8_general_ci for language compatibility.
  • utf8 Content-Type header for language and ascii character compatibility.
  • ‘Configuration’ menu item moved up, below ‘Overview’.

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