Newsletter: Test Email Settings

The Test Email Settings feature in the WordPress Newsletter plugin is a useful little feature which takes all the email settings in the ‘General Mail Settings’ and checks to see they are working properly.

The Test Email Utility can be accessed from Newsletters > Configuration > General > General Mail Settings. You will see the link about the ‘Save Settings’ button which I hope you are all familiar with.

Test Email Settings

Now, the way this handy, Test Utility works is: It sends out a test email, if the email is undelivered then this feature will bring up an error. This error will be specific, it will try to give you an explanatory reason why it is not working, you simply need to act on what is says in order to get your email settings fully functional.

Test Email Settings Sent

Try it for yourself, you do not need to save the General Mail Setting in order to test. It will grab the settings from the currently configured fields even if it is different to what is saved.

1. Email Address

Use any email address that you have access to. You do receive a test email so don’t just fill in a random email.

2. Enter a Subject

No explanation needed – enter any test subject here.

3. Enter a Message

Again nothing specific, any test message to yourself will do.

4. Include a test attachment

Once you tick this “Include a test attachment” checkbox it will send you a test email to the the email address entered with a test attachment also included so you can test attachments too.

5. Close Button.

When you are done with testing your email settings or decide that you do not want to test the settings you can just close the “test email settings” tab.

6. Sent Test Email

You can click on the button once you have entered your email address to get an email of confirmation that your test email settings work.

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