Newsletters: Correct CSV format

Having trouble importing your CSV file into the WordPress Newsletter plugin and you don’t know what’s causing the issue?

Here are some simple steps to check that your CSV file is in the correct format, if it isn’t then there are some simple instruction how to correct it:

Open the CSV using a simple text editor

Right click on your CSV file and open it with ‘Notepad’ or a similar sort of software. Is each entry on a new line? If it isn’t then the format is incorrect. If it is then your uploading CSV issues are from else where. Please contact Tribulant’s support team for assistance.

Below is an image of what the CSV file looks like if it is not correct.

If this is what your CSV looks like when you open it, no need to worry, its a quick fix.


Open your CSV with Microsoft Excel/iWork Numbers

We suggest using Excel, but Numbers does the same thing. Once your CSV is open, click Save As and make sure that the file type is ‘CSV (comma delimited) like the image below

IMPORTANT: When saving in Excel on Mac, please be sure to select “Windows Comma Separated Values (CSV)” when using Save As…

Save it again then open it up in Notepad again, you should notice that each entry will be on a new line. This is how it is meant to look and if it does then your CSV should upload without any issues. Below is an image of the correct layout.

This should be you sorted. As long as the CSV file has a new line for each entry in Notepad then there should be no hassles trying to upload it.

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