WordPress Mailing List Plugin v3.6.3

Changes made to v3.6.3 of the WordPress mailing list plugin

  • Improvements to the queue, preventing duplicate records
  • Subscription form labels for legends
  • Tabindex improvements in subscription forms
  • Undesired line breaks in embedded forms fixed
  • Display number of emails sent to subscriber in subscriber view
  • Subscription form error messages moved to the bottom of the form
  • Queue fire notification only when emails are actually available and sent out
  • New dashboard layout with statistics overview
  • Problem fixed with subscription intervals when saving mailing list
  • Ability to search custom fields in the “Fields” section
  • Custom fields are sent through to admin in new subscription notification email
  • Private lists shown in “Write” section of WP and “Import/Export” section of the plugin
  • $subject variable is passed through to the email template. Can be used in “head.php” and “foot.php”
  • Currency issue fixed in the “Settings” section of the plugin

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