WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.6

WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.6 release notes.


  • Custom fields conditions when sending newsletters.
  • “Add New” button to create subscriber when viewing a mailing list.
  • Autoresponders for follow-up emails.
  • Scheduled tasks section in Configuration.
  • “Insert into Editor” links for shortcodes on the Create Newsletter screen.
  • “Run Now” link in the Email Queue section.
  • Custom fields “not required” bulk action.
  • Export individual history emails to CSV.
  • Export history/draft emails to CSV.


  • Issue with qTranslate not displaying correct email subject.
  • Custom field delete didn’t delete from subscribers table.
  • Sidebar widget XHTML validation issues.
  • Save Draft now saves attachment correctly.
  • Width of drop down menus in Newsletter Functions dialog.
  • Currencies reloaded correctly.
  • Prevent duplicate custom fields slugs.
  • function do_meta_box must inherit ‘Create Newsletter’ user level
  • The Link/Chain button in the TinyMCE editor has been fixed.
  • Escape and strip subject on “Create Newsletter”.
  • Can now send scheduled mails with an attachment.
  • “Insert into Post” button disappearing has been fixed.


  • Major queueing/sending performance improvements.
  • Server cron job command now has /dev/null added to it.
  • Indicate on post editing when full/excerpt is selected.
  • New section names for menu items.
  • Use WP_PLUGIN_URL to enqueue scripts and styles.
  • Setting in Configuration to specify the post of the Newsletter images.
  • New queue count icon in the menu.
  • Set sql_mode = ”; to turn OFF sql_mode.
  • Prevent the creation of “Email” custom field.
  • “Auto Import WordPress Users” cron job/schedule.
  • Prevent custom fields longer than 64 bytes.
  • Remove parse_url() from non-Ajax FORM action URL.
  • Redirect to the Email Queue section when queueing a newsletter.


  • qTranslate compatibility => subject line.
  • Ajax is now turned OFF by default.
  • Email scheduling is now turned ON by default.
  • Newsletter to new subscribers now removed (replaced by Autoresponders).
  • “Send Newsletter” is now called “Create Newsletter”.
  • Widget title changed from “Mailing List” to “Newsletter Subscription”.

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