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If you have the WordPress Newsletter plugin installed on your WordPress website, you can send posts/pages as newsletters when publishing/updating.

The box in the image below can be seen in the Add/Edit Post/Page screen below the text editor. If you have any of the conditions filled out in this box then clicking the Publish/Update button will begin the send/queue of the newsletter.

Future Scheduled Posts

Any WordPress posts scheduled to publish on a future date/time can still be sent as a newsletter. When you schedule a post, still choose the Newsletter plugin settings under “Send as Newsletter” (as explained below) and when WordPress automatically publishes the post, it will be queued as a newsletter.

Send as Newsletter

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1. qTranslate Language

For those of you who have qTranslate installed on your website you’ll have different Subjects and Content depending on how many languages you have.

This little feature basically allows you to select a specific language to send the newsletter in. It is not possible to send the Post/Page in more than one language at a time as a newsletter, you can just edit the post and then select a different language then ‘update’ your post/page.

2. Full Post or Excerpt

This section is fairly self-explanatory. Basically, when the Post/Page is sent as a newsletter you can choose to send the full post/page or just an excerpt of the post/page to your subscribers. The excerpt does not include images and just gives the first few lines with a link to ‘read more’.

3. Select a Theme

For this, you can choose to add a theme to your post/page when it is sent as a newsletter. These themes can be seen and managed in the Newsletters > Themes section. It won’t affect your post/page in anyway, just the newsletter that is sent to the subscribers.

4. Select Mailing List(s)

This is where you must choose which mailing list(s) will receive your post/page as a newsletter. All your mailing lists are shown here and all can be selected.


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