Newsletters: Save an Autoresponder

Newsletters > Autoresponders > Save

In this section of the Newsletter plugin, you can create an autoresponder which you can schedule to send a newsletter to new subscribers after an admin specified amount of days after registration. Have a look at the screenshots and read the explanations below for more information how to set up autoresponders.

Save an Autoresponder

Save an Autoresponder


Just the name/title of the autoresponders. Your subscribers don’t see the name, it is only for admin use to help manage and find previously created autoresponders. Call it whatever you want as long as you know what you’re looking for should you find the need to edit/delete the autoresponder.

Subscribe Form/s

Pick the subscribe form/s to link the autoresponder to. When someone subscribes on the selected subscribe form/s the autoresponder will be sent out.

These subscribe forms are taken from Newsletters > Subscribe Forms section.

Mailing List/s

From the checkboxes, select which mailing list(s) is/are affected by the Autoresponder you are making. All your mailing lists should be visible here and more than one can be selected.

Apply to Existing Subscribers

By selecting “Yes” for this option, the autoresponder will be applied to existing subscribers. The “Send Delay” as seen at [6] (for reference let’s just say “x” ) is applied to send the autoresponder to existing subscribers “x” days after the autoresponder is created. New subscribers will still receive the autoresponder message “x” days after subscribing.

Always Send

This setting allows you to always send or only send once. When someone subscribes via a subscribe form or to a mailing list, the plugin will check if the autoresponder was sent to them before. With this setting turned off, the autoresponder won’t be send again if they received it before even if they are subscribing again. With this setting turned on, the autoresponder will always send again.


Choose Existing Newsletter

For this part, you can choose either to use an existing newsletter (see image above) where you are given a drop down selection to choose which newsletter you want to use for the autoresponder. Alternatively, you can choose to create a newsletter to use for the autoresponder, when you save the autoresponder your created newsletter is saved to the History/Draft Emails section. See the “Create Newsletter” tab.

Create Newsletter

As you can see from the image below, choosing the ‘Create Newsletter‘ option opens a full TinyMCE editor there for you to use. There is also a list of shortcodes to choose from which you can just insert into the editor by clicking the little link below the variable – these are used to “personalize” emails as they pull certain data from the database, say

There is also a list of the “Newsletters > Themes” available to select from to apply the selected HTML styling to the Autoresponder.

History/Draft Newsletter

If you selected the option ‘Choose Newsletter’ for #3 then instead of seeing a text editor here you will see the drop down. Use the drop down to scroll for the post that you want to use to create the autoresponder.

Send Delay

Use this to specify how many days after registration the subscribers on the selected mailing lists will recieve the chosen email. Basically, when a new user subscribers to a mailing list that has an autoresponder, they will recieve the newsletter a few days after subscribing. Those few days can be specified here.


You can choose to set your autoresponder to Active or Inactive. Inactive autoresponders do not execute their scheduled tasks and remain dormant untill edited to Active.

Save Autoresponder

Once you are happy with the changes you have made, remember to Save the autoresponder.

As you can see from the image below, choosing the ‘Create Newsletter‘ option opens a full TinyMCE editor there for you to use.

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