WordPress Mailing List Plugin v3.6.6 Release Notes

  • Error messages are displayed in “Send” section in case errors occurred
  • Custom fields have been temporarily been removed from admin subscription notification
  • Ability to change the number of subscribers per page in “Subscribers” section
  • When saving a custom field, “Required” will be set to “No” by default
  • Improvements to enctype attribute in “Send” section
  • HTML/Text for individual subscribers
  • History, Mailinglist associations are all removed by history ID and recreated when the history record is saved
  • History emails sent count in “History” section
  • Moved “WordPress Username” above “Custom Fields” when saving a subscriber
  • Subscription management section for subscribers. Add “?wpmlmethod=manage&email=xxxx@xxxx.xxx” after the blog home URL
  • {manage} dynamic tag which will create a management link for subscribers when inserted into newsletter content
  • Improved security measurements via “authkey” upon unsubscribe, activate and other incoming confirmations
  • Support forums link in “Support” section of plugin
  • Dashboard stats now has links to different sections on the counts
  • Fixes to the way multiple array values are replaced in content for custom fields
  • Improvements/changes to the way mailinglists are referenced for each individual history record in the “History” section of the plugin
  • Bug fix on the “Subscribe Again” link on the front which caused a catchable fatal error on some servers
  • Easy way of importing WordPress users into the plugin. See the “Settings” section under “WordPress Related”
  • New icon design for the plugin
  • Changed unsubscribe and other functions to GET data where it used to be POST. Some servers (with some configurations) didn’t like POST data
  • Counts for pagination in all sections showing the total number of records
  • Fixed a bug where the menu links were not translatable
  • Changes to the way confirmation emails are sent out
  • Removed “register_post” action hook and moved all actions to the “user_register” hook which is used to capture data when a new user registers
  • Remove expiration checking from the cron hook to prevent timeouts and high loads
  • Changed feed URL in dashboard to Feedburner URL
  • RSS icon in dashboard
  • Show “users_can_register” status in “Settings” section under “Register Checkbox”
  • Changed currency symbols to HTML entities. There were issues on specific hosts having a hard time unserializing the UTF-8 encoded strings

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