Newsletter: Codex – Read a Subscriber

You can use the code of the WordPress Newsletter plugin to read a subscriber from the database. It will return the subscriber record as an object with all the fields and it will include the custom field keys/values too.


//check if the wpMail class has been defined
if (class_exists('wpMail')) {
//initialize the wpMail class into an object
if ($wpMail = new wpMail()) {
global $Db, $Subscriber;
$Db -> model = $Subscriber -> model;

//fetch the subscriber
//you can use 'id', 'email', 'ip_address' or 'user_id' for conditions
if ($subscriber = $Db -> find(array('id' => 123))) {
//now you can use the subscriber data according to your needs.


You can get the raw code here.

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