Newsletter plugin v3.8.7 “Curatio” release notes


WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.7

Code name: Curatio


  • Can now use [wpmlsubject]to display the Newsletter title/subject in the email
  • There is now a “Slug/Nicename” field for custom fields for identification purposes
  • Now a section with all the pending autoresponder emails where they can be managed
  • Autoresponders can now send to existing subscribers as well
  • The ability to insert shortcodes/variables/fields when creating an autoresponder
  • Highly imporved Subscription Management section for subscribers [wpmlmanagement]
    • Additional settings in the configuration to control this section
  • A simple “Refresh” button in the Newsletters > Email Queue section
  • Custom CSS box in the Newsletter > Configuration to control the front-end styling
  • The Ability to add multiple attachments to an email
  • The ability to sort/order the email address field with the other fields.


  • Newsletters > Groups section had no error if no groups were created
  • Newsletters > Configuration “Acknowledgement” setting was broken
  • Tabindex in the widget and post/page embedded subscribe form was broken
  • Ampersand issue when exporting sent emails of an individual history email is fixed
  • Editing Custom Fields to change checkbox/radio button/drop-down was an issue
  • Plugin was rendering the front-end head.php file in the RSS Feed which broke it
  • The bounce receival email was not set as the Return-Path when using WP Mail
  • There is a UTF8 content header in the init() function which has been removed
  • All PHP configurations now have the mb_strlen() function installed/configured
  • The “Newsletter Functions” Post Category slection has been fixed
  • The shortcodes/variables are now work in the TEXT part of multipart emails
  • Viewing a mailing list now shows subscribers again
  • and broken images has been fixed


  • Can now set Auto-Responders on Privtate Mailing Lists as well
  • Setting the Newsletter Image Post is now done with a field as opposed to drop-down
  • Changed the MySQL columns/fields for “message” from TEXT to LONGTEXT
  • The [wpmlhistory] shortcode has more parameters (list_id and index)
  • The custom fields are now preloaded on an Ajax powered forms for single lists
  • Displays the_post_thumbnail in Newsletters and Latest Post Subscription
  • Changed from MySQL NOW() to PHP date() with current date/time
  • Changed from Radio button custom field value incorrect to Radio button/Select drop down custom field value incorrect
  • Serial Key pop-up and settings dialog now use ColorBox
  • Further qTranslate integration

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