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The Subscription Management Section allows your subscribers to manage their subscriptions on your site. There is a post which is auto-created and published for this section to appear on the front-end of your site. This post contains the shortcode [newsletters_management] and is outlined briefly below. Here people can subscribe to additional mailing lists, remove themselves from their current subscriptions and alter the details they provided for your custom fields (if applicable)

Subscription Management – Configuration

In the Newsletters > Configuration section there is a Subscriber Management Section box which has a few simple settings to configure the subscription management page as your subscribers will see it. See below


1. Management Post ID

This post is automatically created and published when the plugin is installed. The ID will be automatically filled in as well. However, if you choose to delete the “Subscription Management” post, you can just create a new post/page from your dashboard, add the shortcode [newsletters_management] to it and specify the post id in config as seen above.

2. Management Link Text

This link display on the subscriptions management link generated by [newsletters_manage]

3. Authenticate Email Subject

In order for a subscriber to access the Subscription Management page they need to authenticate their email. This is important, else any one could essentially manage anyone’s subscriptions. Anyway, this field “Authenticate Email Subject” allows you to specify the title/subject of the email that is sent to subscribers in order for them to manage their subscriptions.

4. Authentication Type

Choose between cooke and session for authentication.

5. Show Current Subscriptions

This setting controls the subscriber to allow them to unsubscribe from current subscription. If you want to hide the current subscriptions on the manage subscriber page, set this setting to “No”.

6. Allow New Subscribes

This setting controls if people managing their subscriptions are allowed to subscribe to more mailing lists while in the management section. This will be shown below when covering the front-end view of the management post.

7. Custom Fields In Management

If you have added custom fields to your mailing list, then you know they are used to have additional info on your subscribers (Such as: First Name, Last Name, Gender, Age, and so on… this entirely is your preference). The custom fields must be filled out by subscribers upon subscribing, and setting this option to “Yes” allows the subscribers to alter the information in the management page that they provided when they first subscribed. This will also be seen below when explaining the front-end.


8. Allow changing email address

Set this setting to yes, if you want the subscriber to change their email address.

9. Allow changing of format

This setting allow subscribers to choose the format of the email. Between HTML and text formatted emails.

Subscription Management – Front End

In order to access the subscription management section, subscribers will first need to authenticate their email. They simply need to provide their email, and “Send Confirmation” to themselves. In the email they receive, there will be a link to follow in order to access the management page for their subscriptions. No one else can access some ones subscriptions without knowing the email address and having access to the emails.

Current Subscriptions

Here is seen a list a of the subscribers current subscriptions. It shows the names of the mailing lists that have been subscribed to, the status and the ability to remove/activate your subscription (depending on the status).

Available Subscriptions

This tab is only visible if you have selected “Yes” for [3] in the configuration for the subscription management section (See top of this post) – if not enabled, this tab simply isn’t there. This tab lists all our public mailing lists in order for subscribers to be able to add themselves to additional mailing lists. Clicking “Subscribe Now” makes the changes via Ajax in real-time, a email is still sent to confirm the subscription (double opt-in). It’ll display a message that it is subscribing, and when the process is complete the mailing list is no longer seen in this tab.

Profile Information/Custom Fields

Manage Subscriptions - Profile

This “Profile” tab is only available if you selected “Yes” for [4] in the configuration for the subscription management section (See top of this post) – if not enabled, this tab simply isn’t there. All custom fields from the subscribed mailing lists are shown here even though some mailing lists may not have the same fields. Subscribers are free to edit these fields as they want.

The “Email Address” field allows subscribers to edit their subscription email address.

WordPress will remember the last selected tab on the Manage Subscriptions page when the subscriber returns next time.

Translate Manage Subscriptions

You can translate your Manage Subscriptions page into different languages if you are using a multilingual plugin such as qTranslate-X, WPML, Polylang, etc.

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