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Newsletters > Autoresponders > Autoresponder Emails

You can view and manage your autoresponder emails that will be sent out in the future. Simply go to the Newsletters > Autoresponders section. On the “Manage Autoresponders” screen, you will see a silver button that says “Autoresponder Emails” next to the “Bulk Actions Drop-Down” seen in the above image. Click the button and you will be redirected to the “Autoresponder Emails” section.

Autoresponder Emails Section

1. Filters

There are some basic filters to prevent certain results from appearing in the table. Both the filter drop-downs can be used in conjunction to display more specific results. The first drop-down is to view “Sent” or “Unsent” or “ALL” autoresponders, once the option is chosen click “Filter“. The second drop-down will have a list of all autoresponders that you have created, so you can view all your autoresponders or chose one specific one from the drop-down, remember to click “Filter“.

2. Bulk Actions

The bulk actions drop-down is used to apply a selected action to multiple selected records in the database. In this case, you have 2 options, you can choose to “Delete” or “Send” all the selected records in the table. To select multiple records, simply use the checkboxes on the far left, clicking the checkbox by “ID” will select all the records.

3. Record Row

The table seen in the above screenshot shows the autoresponder records. You may have a large amount of records and some page numbers to navigate through. Hovering over a record in the table will give a you a few links to manage that specific record. The table displays some details on the autoresponders, such as the subscriber that will receive the email, the autoresponder email they will receive, the date that it will be sent to them and so on.

4. Per Page

Change the amount of records you can see per page in the table. In the screenshot (for example) I have set it to view only 5 records per page. Simply click the drop-down and select one of the predefined numbers, the page will automatically reload.

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