Newsletters: TinyMCE – Email Snippets

Newsletters > TinyMCE – Email Snippets


Via TinyMCE Envelope Icon/Button

Newsletters: Insert Email Snippets via Editor Envelope Icon

1. Envelope Icon/Button

You can click on the envelope icon/button in the TinyMCE toolbar, this will open  “Newsletter Functions”.

2. Template Tab

You can click on the template tab on the open dialog to view the email snippets.

3. Template

You can then choose your snippet from the drop down menu which you would like to insert in your post.

4. Insert Button

Once you are done choosing your snippet you can click on the “insert” button that will insert your snippet into the tinyMCE editor.

5. Shortcode

Now you will see that the snippet is shown as a shortcode on the editor at mouse cursor.


Via Sidebar Widget

NewslettersTinyMCE Email Snippets

1. “Insert into Newsletter” Sidebar Widget

This sidebar widget allows one to insert shortcodes for custom fields, posts and snippets into the editor while composing/editing a newsletter.

2. “Snippets” Tab

Once selected, this tab offers the interface for inserting snippet shortcodes into the TinyMCE editor.

3. Snippets

Each snippet is represented by a button which, when clicked, inserts a snippet shortcode into the TinyMCE editor.

4. “Load into Editor” Link

This link appears beneath every snippet button. When clicked, it will load the snippet into a TinyMCE editor to be edited.

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