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Newsletters > Email Queue

The ‘Newsletters‘ > ‘Email Queue‘ shows all the details on the email queue of the WordPress Newsletter plugin. The little number next to the link (see in the image on the left) shows how many emails are currently queued to be sent.

It will show the number of emails in the queue, the current date/time and the next date/time that the queue will be fired to execute emails from it.

You can send the queue now, and manage other aspects of the queue from within this section, such as deleting the selected subscibers from the queue so they don’tt recieve the Newsletter.

Note: If you are using the Server Cron Job most queue management will need to be done directly on your server, through cPanel or similar. Once sent, emails move the the queue to the History/Draft Emails section.

Manage Email Queue


By going to ‘Newsletters‘ > ‘Email Queue‘ you can manage your email queue and see all the current emails in the queue (if any). Note it does not update in real-time, so hit the “Refresh” button at the top of the screen (see in the screenshot) to reload the stats shown.

1. Refresh

This button refreshes the email queue display to view the current status.

2. Configure Email Scheduling

This button links to the “Email Scheduling” section under Newsletters > Configuration > General.

3. Schedule Details

This table just shows some general, yet useful information about your email queue which will help you to have a better understanding of what the email queue status is.

The schedule details show the current number of emails in the queue, the current date/time, the date/time when the next schedule will be executed, the current schedule interval and the number of emails being sent out per interval.

NOTE: We recommend that you keep the schedule interval as low as possible and to keep the number of emails per interval below 100 if possible.

4. Next Schedule Event

This countdown timer shows the time left until the next scheduled event, updating on the page in real time.

5. Run Now link

This will execute the sending of the next scheduled task upon clicking that button. You will get a pop-up window asking to confirm that you want to run the next scheduled task now. This link is only visble if you use the WordPress Cron Job – you cannot alter the server cron from admin, you need to access cPanel to do so.

6. Filter Newsletters

You can filter newsletters in the queue by template and email.

7. Pause

Pause the queue, and it will temporary stop running, until you unpause it again.

8. Clear Queue

Clear the queue from all newsletters that needs to go out.

9. Current Queue Emails

This table shows you all the current emails in the email queue. If there aren’t any emails in the queue, it will simply display a message “No emails found in the queue”.

Using this table you can manage all the emails in the queue according to your needs. There is also a ‘Clear Queue’ button available which will remove all the emails in the queue. Additionally there are ‘Bulk Actions’ which allows you to execute mass actions on selected emails in the queue.

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