Newsletters v3.9 Release Notes


WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.9 release notes.

Codename: Prestasie


  • Automatic updates/upgrades.
  • Paid subscriptions once-off fee.
  • Setting to turn on/off confirmation for auto import WordPress users.
  • Setting for user registration upon subscription.
  • Queue instead checkbox on send newsletter progress page.
  • Delete serial key button to remove current serial key.
  • Multiple list unsubscribe procedure.
  • Email template editing in configuration.
  • New subscribe and management design.
  • Add Subscriber‘ link for each list in the lists management section.
  • Offsite form direct URL.
  • Refresh‘ button while viewing history/draft email.
  • Test bounce settings button.
  • [wpmlbouncecount] shortcode/variable.
  • [wpmlcustomfields] shortcode/variable.
  • Admin email address for each mailing list.
  • Bounce receival email same as from address by default.
  • Theme folder support.
  • Turn on/off the loading of default Javascript.
  • Post thumbnail when sending post as a newsletter.


  • Removed PHP notices and warnings.
  • Latest posts subscription posts show new to old.
  • Major performance on subscriber management page.
  • Removal of qTranslate fields on newsletter creation screen.
  • SMTP password field is now password field type.
  • Tabs in the configuration section.
  • Display the reason if a subscriber import fails.
  • Escape strings on import post.
  • Escape strings on send post.
  • Improved, faster sending/queuing of newsletters.
  • Unsubscribe procedure inside the WordPress theme.
  • Manage subscriptions interface improvements.
  • Evaluate PHP to static HTML in all newsletter themes.
  • POP/IMAP password field type password.
  • Load jQuery UI tabs only on the subscriber management page.


  • Bounced email notification.
  • Redirect to manage subscriptions only if the list(s) are the same.
  • Reloading existing subscriber didn’t pre-fill the custom fields.
  • Progress bar wp_enqueue_script dependancies fix.
  • Future scheduled post as a newsletter had no theme.
  • Custom field caption/description didn’t stay empty upon save.
  • Email address custom field issues.
  • Themes paging links broken.
  • Watermark didn’t save on editing.
  • Remove email field from the subscriber management page fields.
  • [wpmlmanagement] shortcode position/placement.
  • Emails sent not inserted.
  • Improvements to the subscriber export.
  • Fields conditions checkbox always showed.
  • Remove watermark from the auto responder ‘Send Delay‘ field.
  • Really Simple Captcha CSS for image.
  • Turn On/Off the Ajax sending/queuing as needed.
  • CSV export file now has the right permissions.
  • Importing registered subscribers.
  • Orders count on the overview page was empty.
  • Subscription is already active error message.

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