Newsletters v3.9.1 Release Notes


WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.9.1 release notes.


  • Updates “Check Now” button to delete the transient cache
  • X-MimeOLE header setting
  • Delete subscriber on unsubscribe setting
  • Shortcode to display number of subscribers
  • Setting to show/hide TinyMCE editor button
  • Custom fields in offsite form HTML


  • “Send as Newsletter” box permissions/capability fix
  • Cache exception for ‘Manage Subscriptions’
  • Non ANSI Characters in recipient email address
  • Change DS for plugin active check
  • Check ‘Custom Field’ types


  • Multiple MIME-Version headers
  • Automatic update failing from the ‘Plugins’ page
  • Serial key wpmlajaxurl is not defined
  • Delete post meta of future scheduled posts
  • Permissions/roles not working
  • Subscription cannot be activated
  • Comment post subscribes on any status
  • Define wpmlajaxurl for the class themefolder
  • Missing ‘W’ in the url() function
  • Latest Post Subscription schedule updates always on save
  • Use Theme Style File has no effect
  • Tabindex from custom field to captcha broken
  • Export Ajax progress fix

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