Newsletters v3.9.3 Release Notes


WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.9.3 release notes.


  • Setting to turn On/Off the Ajax progress when importing subscribers
  • ‘Send as Newsletter’ section on Custom Post Types screen
  • Setting to enable GZip Compression
  • Ability to set a Universal Custom field (shown regardless of list(s) selected)
  • New Custom Field type – File Upload
  • Show the assigned Mailing List(s) in the Custom Fields section
  • Formidable integration (Extension)
  • Action Hooks
  • Filter Hooks
  • Custom Functions


  • Automatic Update is disabled if download subscription is expired
  • Alert that the Automatic Update removes the old plugin version
  • Delete from queue if subscriber doesn’t exist
  • Change WP_PLUGIN_URL to correct site URL
  • Compatibility improvements to older, pre-made themes
  • “Details” link in a Thickbox pop-up when an update is available
  • Use setlocale for some languages like Japanese
  • Queue Stabilizer and Row Locking
  • UTF-8 meta tag for Offsite Form
  • Removed “tracking” ALT attribute on tracking images
  • Changed MySQL database engine from MyISAM to InnoDB
  • Performance improvements with MySQL transactions


  • Conflict with Blubrry Powerpress plugin
  • Removed tablesorter reference
  • Added the missing section titles in Permissions section
  • Redirect upon successful subscribe
  • Translated string not being escaped
  • Paid subscriptions PayPal interval
  • Plugins “Details” links show blank dialogs
  • “Email Address” custom field could not be edited

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