Newsletter plugin v3.9.4 release notes


WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.9.4 release notes.


  • Gravity Forms integration (extension).
  • Select list(s) to show in select/checkbox subscribe form.
  • eftype‘ (excerpt/full post) parameter for the [wpmlpost...] shortcode.
  • [wpmlpost_thumbnail] shortcode to display any post featured image thumbnail.
  • [wpmlpost_permalink] shortcode to output the URL/permalink of any post.
  • New shortcodes under “Variables & Custom Fields” box when creating newsletter.
  • Full qTranslate support for custom fields.
  • Setting to turn off the “Send as Newsletter” box on posts/pages.
  • Ability for subscribers to change their email in the subscriber management section.
  • New overview section with a stats chart, totals and recent emails.
  • Gravatars for email subscribers in the admin panel.
  • New “Auto Import Users” box under Newsletters > Configuration > System.
  • Import/map user meta into custom fields with the Auto Import WordPress Users feature.


  • Universal custom fields to always display, disregarding the list chosen.
  • [raw] tags around all shortcodes automatically to prevent theme conflicts.
  • Changed HTML ‘fieldset‘ tags to ‘div‘ tags in subscribe forms and other areas.
  • Setting to turn on/off the Uploadify script for file upload custom fields.
  • Changed bloginfo('wpurl') to a faster site_url() everwhere.
  • Ability to import country names/strings in a CSV into the predefined country field.
  • File upload custom field now has a 1 file upload limit.
  • Moved the “Updates” tab into the menu of the plugin.
  • Queuing a post executed shortening on each email and slowed it down.
  • Reverted back from MySQL InnoDB to MyISAM for compatibility.
  • Added the ID of each list for the newsletter subscription widget.
  • Multiple lists for the Auto Import Users feature instead of one list.


  • Attachments don’t send with the queue bulk action for sending.
  • Shortcodes aren’t parsed in the TEXT version of multi-part emails.
  • Import CSV mailing list(s) column applied to all subscribers in the file.
  • Paid list autoresponder emails were queued even if the subscription wasn’t active.


  • Removed “Subscriber Stats” from the plugin menu.

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