Newsletters v3.9.5 Release Notes


WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.9.5 release notes.


  • vCard first name, last name and phone number custom field mapping.
  • Shortcode links color set per theme.
  • Amazon SNS bounce support.
  • Email align/hspace settings in the media uploader.
  • Show individual emails sent when viewing a subscriber.
  • Future scheduled newsletters to include new subscribers on list(s).


  • Deprecated warnings due to PHP ereg/ereg_replace.
  • Change mysql_list_fields() to a more compatible function.
  • Add classes to the tables under CSS.
  • Increase HTML2TEXT max columns.
  • Send 0 day autoresponders immediately instead of queuing first.
  • Change wp-content/uploads/ to dynamic upload directory.
  • Bounce by email address instead of subscriber ID.
  • Specify a phpMailer WordWrap value.
  • Exclamation marks/broken characters in emails due to encoding.
  • Shortcodes for templates in the Manage Templates section.
  • Increase PHP directives/resources to higher values.
  • Send all autoresponders immediately without queuing.
  • Better autoresponders navigation in admin.
  • Remove import user from user_registration hook.
  • Move History/Draft Emails menu up in the menu.
  • Add DOCTYPE to all default/premade themes.


  • History/draft email last used theme is not preselected.
  • Duplicate email field/column on update/insert queries.
  • Country conflict with the Shopping Cart plugin.
  • Subscriber model import fails after one error.
  • Paging “Displaying…” numbers in the Subscribers section.
  • View online link is public and not protected.
  • Security issue with Uploadify implementation.

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