Newsletters: Ways to Prevent High CPU Usage

The Newsletter plugin is fairly resource intensive, and if used indiscriminately, it could be the source of CPU overload on your hosting account. You might want to consider our hosting as it supports our plugins without any issues.

By paying attention to a few key settings, you can easily reduce the amount of CPU usage by the plugin. The following processes are among those that can cause spikes in CPU usage, and by increasing the intervals in their operation so that they execute less frequently, you could drastically lower the effect the Newsletter plugin has on CPU usage:

  • Sending/queuing a large number of emails.
  • In the process of sending from the queue.
  • Having the ‘Auto Import WordPress Users’ setting turned on.
  • ‘Latest Posts Subscription’ feature firing to queue emails.
  • POP/IMAP bounce configuration firing regularly to check for bounce notifications.

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