Newsletters: Mandrill API

Using Mandrill with the WordPress Newsletter plugin.


1. What is Mandrill?

After the merger, Mandrill is now owned by Mailchimp and is known as Mailchimp Transactional Email. It is an extra add-on that can be added to Mailchimp users.

Mandrill allows you to send transactional emails through their API or via SMTP. According to Mailchimp, you can send emails like password resets, order confirmations, and welcome messages.


2. Mandrill Setup

Please follow the instructions here:

or here:

Then, proceed to enter the required details in the Newsletter plugin’s fields under Configuration > General: Mail Type > API or SMTP.


After saving, you can now click on “Test Email Settings” and send an email to your own email address. If you’re able to send and receive that test email, then you have successfully set up the Mandrill API.

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